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“A change is as good as a rest” they say, but can this centuries old piece of life advice apply to employees of today?


Repetition can leave one feeling one feeling uninspired and bored. But sometimes a simple switch to your daily routine can be the change you need to pump up productivity and spark some fresh ideas.

So, what are the best ways to give your creative processes a boost?

Make the most of your lunch break

The majority of today’s nine to five jobs allow for an hour lunch break. This is typically enough time to grab something to eat and flick through your smartphone before you have to head back to your desk. But if you feel like your morning was less than productive, then it’s important to make the most use of this limited time. You can start this by choosing a nutritious meal for lunch. Compared to fast food alternatives, healthier options help kick your brain back into gear, while avoiding the post-lunch slump.

It’s common knowledge that exercise, even a short walk, releases endorphins in the brain which increase mood and most importantly, relieve stress. You don’t need to head to the gym to get these feel-good hormones, just take a stroll, get some fresh air and return relaxed and ready to tackle those tasks.

Mark Zuckerberg is known for his walking meetings at Facebook and there is good reason why: putting one foot in front of the other is linked with idea generation. Researchers at Standford University found that the act of walking boosts creative inspiration.


Inspire each other

Team building exercises are a popular activity in the work place today. Some employees may find these embarrassing and uncomfortable, but great things happen when outside the comfort zone. One way to help with this is to move your team off-site.

When activities take place out of office, it allows members to think more freely. Take the team out of the office to a place where collaboration based ideas can be exchanged more freely. Whether it is a meeting room, or temporary office, a new location with new amenities can offer employees fresh inspiration they might not get from their usual desks.

A new environment can also encourage people to be more open minded and more willing to try new things. Once the team begins to think more freely, it will create a more conducive environment, which will help everyone complete their tasks more easily.

Boost your brainstorm

Grab a paper and pen, head to somewhere new and get brainstorming. Whether you choose a different desk in your office, a coffee shop or a different location entirely, the change of scenery will be sure to enhance your creative process.

Brainstorming is the perfect exercise to help grow your creativity. Once the basic idea is in your mind, quickly jot it down on paper before it’s lost. From there, expand upon the concept. Ask yourself questions such as, “where did the idea come from, how can I apply it to this given task, is there a way it can be adapted for another purpose, how can I tell this story effectively” and so on. A simple mind map of key words will help you answer these questions, and will spark your memory when you come back to review the notes.

Work somewhere new

It’s so easy to get tied up in your everyday tasks and routines. You grab a coffee at the same place, at the same time. You check your emails, you answer your phone, you look out the window, and you get distracted by that colleague.

What if you tried working somewhere new, be it for one day a week or even for the length of a project. According to global research by Deskmag, when working in a coworking space, 74% of people find they are more productive. You’d be amazed at how changing up your location and routine can spark inspiration.

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