Six steps to a successful coworking relationship

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Our Glandore DublinCork & Belfast locations offer environments that encourage, inspire, and support the growth of the companies we house. We facilitate connections and the Glandore Network and community is at the forefront of everything we do. Working at Glandore allows you to engage with a diverse range of industries and individuals.

However, to foster a community where ideas freely flow, it’s important to get along with fellow coworkers. We’ve put together Six Steps to a Successful Coworking Relationship to help cultivate a beneficial coworking environment where industry insights, ideas and innovations are shared. It’s important that a shared space and fellow companies are mutually respected.

1. Don’t Let Coworking Life Get Too Loud.

While it’s great to get inspired and collaborate with those around you, when engaging in work-related conversation, it’s important to make sure that the volume is at a reasonable level and doesn’t disturb others working around you.  If you’re having a personal conversation, keep it outside of the coworking space or to a phone booth.

2. Keep it Clean

We know some of us aren’t the tidiest of workers. Creative types insist that desks are supposed to be a bit messy and we all know what Albert Einstein has to say about a cluttered desk equalling a cluttered mind. Doing simple things like clearing mugs, food wrappings and dishes after use, to breaking down any boxes that are yours, can have a huge impact on how others perceive you in the coworking space. If something is spilled, make sure to clean it up.  If something is broken, make sure to report it to the management team. Also be sure to unplug or switch off any personal devices when you are finished using or charging them! If there are recycling facilities, use them. Keep it green and keep it clean.

3. It’s Nice to be Nice

Coworking communities are a great way to network, so being friendly with your fellow co-workers can be beneficial for future business endeavours.  However, if someone looks like they are busy and concentrating on something, they probably don’t want to be interrupted!  Golden Rule of Coworking:  Two-headphones in = ‘I’m Busy’, One-headphone in = ‘I’m open for conversation’.

4. Share the Space

Keep in mind that all the resources provided are there for everyone’s use, not just your own. Fill the printer with paper if it’s out. Don’t take up three seats at a shared table. If there is a whiteboard or noticeboard, don’t take up the entire space with your work. Hogging the bandwidth is also a no-no, downloading movies or the likes – save that for the home!

5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Remember, the kitchen is a communal space. As tempting as your fellow coworkers’ leftovers look, don’t eat someone else’s food!  Remove any of your food from the fridge that’s out of date. You will never achieve that Goldilocks not-too-hot, not-too-cold, just-right, level so don’t readjust the temperature of the shared room to just suit you.  Not everyone shares the same temperature preference.

6. Get Involved

You don’t need to attend every event or engage in every group chat, but it’s important to make the effort every now and again. Not only will you get to know your fellow coworkers better, it’s a great way to broaden your network, discover business opportunities and find yourself engaged in interesting coversations.

Glandore offers coworking space in the business and tech districts of Dublin, Cork & Belfast. Find out more about coworking at Glandore here.

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