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Ireland has one of the best reputations as a hub for tech companies in Europe. On our shores we house over 900 software companies in sectors ranging from software development, business services and EMEA and International headquarters.

Ireland’s geographic location and strong talent pool mean we companies who choose to set up, expand and develop in Ireland are at a unique advantage and have a brilliant opportunity to grow and flourish.

Here at Glandore, we’re passionate about helping companies succeed. We house a number of successful tech companies in both our Dublin and Belfast locations. We think it is important to recognise the hard work done by these companies and celebrate their achievements, accolades and recent innovations.


Asana offers businesses a unique web/app service which helps employees track their work. It’s designed to help improve team collaboration on projects, without having to constantly keep an eye on your emails.

Since its inception in 2008, Asana has gone on to enlist a large number of high-profile clients including Deloitte, Airbnb, Red Bull, The New York Times and NASA. Asana opened their first EU office in 2015 with only six employees and have since expanded their team to help establish their European operations hub.

They continue to do fantastic work here in Ireland are always on the lookout for fresh talent to join their operations.With a lot of energy invested in developing their company culture and diversity and inclusion initiatives, Asana has been consistently ranked as one of the best organisations to work for. They continue to do fantastic work here in Ireland are always on the lookout for fresh talent to join their growing operations.


Autodesk is a software corporation who specialise in designing high-end software suites for a range of different industries, including construction, architecture, engineering, and media.

Autodesk has an eye for innovation, constantly looking at gaps to be filled in the market and finding unique ways to solve industry-specific issues. Their aim is to provide artists with the right tools to help do their jobs. To do this, creativity is constantly at the forefront of their agenda and they are, as they put it, making things for people who like to make things.

However, Autodesk puts equal importance on the success of their own employees, by offering paid sabbatical leave and no formal log for sick days. This shows that not only do they understand work-life balance, but they actually uphold it.


Zynga is well known worldwide for their addictive social media games. Some of their well-known and iconic games include, Words with Friends, Farmville and Zynga Poker.

As technology and usage continues to change in the game playing world, Zynga have had to be adaptable. Their operation has continued to add games to their existing franchise and partnered with new companies to grow their brand. Due to this versatility, 2017 was the strongest performance they have seen in four years.

Although headquartered in San Francisco, Zynga opened their Dublin office back in 2010 and have since expanded their operations to include a customer care centre.

Bamboo Rose

Bamboo Rose offers seamless solutions which allow retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers to work together in real-time.

Providing a wide-range of flexible options, Bamboo Rose believes in allowing customers the scalability to grow at their own pace.

This is why the company today serves over 400 different brands and has amassed an impressive membership of over 150,000 users. Speed is their main goal for their end users, striving to create a constant flow of communication between the different members of the retail community.


OTCXN is one of the world’s first P2P trading networks which allows users to trade with one another without credit or counterparty risk.

OCTXN are leading the charge in terms of the financial software market and they have their sights firmly set on re-engineering the financial markets worldwide.

They pride themselves on having the best people who can deal with some of the hardest problems. If this sounds like you and a team you would like to work with, their Belfast offices are currently looking for a Software Engineer.


Content is king is today’s consumer-filled marketplace. Bazaarvoice is helping to bridge that gap between brand content and consumer values by helping brands to reach their target audience and gain their business and trust through original, trustworthy content.

Bazaarvoice found their new home in Belfast last year, creating over 160 jobs for local, talented individuals. They’re constantly expanding their operations and have an eye for emerging talent, so take a peak at a few of the openings they have in their Northern Ireland office.

Here at Glandore, we offer flexible workspace for 1 – 350 people in Dublin And Belfast. Our memberships allow you to grow, scale and expand your business depending on your needs. Find out more and ask us about becoming a Glandore Member here.

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