Top coworking trends to look out for in 2019

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Over the past decade we have seen the rise of coworking spaces here in Ireland and while shared office spaces were traditionally aimed at freelancers and start-ups, today they are being occupied by different generations and larger corporations.

With our work environment constantly evolving, these changes will have an important and positive impact on the success of coworking spaces and enable them to keep up with the needs of the modern-day workforce. Our Glandore team have created a list of trends they expect will take over the coworking sector over the next 12 months.

More Unique Spaces

In order to stay competitive, coworking spaces need to be different and be open to change. Unique coworking spaces is a trend that we will continue to see grow over the coming year with a number of these spaces already being used. Unique coworking spaces allow you to target a particular industry, group or even profession. These workspaces are designed and developed with the user in mind. These spaces will aim to attract a particular segment and will do so by creating a space that will support and facilitate the targeted professional. This allows both companies and freelancers to grow their networks and build strong communities. Here at Glandore we see this trend continuing into 2019 and will help expand the industry further.

Going Green in 2019 – Sustainability

The coworking concept is as environmentally friendly as it gets, with companies and entrepreneurs sharing workspace and facilities which result in fewer overheads and infrastructure. During 2019 we will see coworking spaces like Glandore taking it to the next level and committing to promoting a more sustainable workplace. Providing support by offering more eco-friendly ways to dispose of waste and promoting initiatives like bike to work schemes and Dublin City bikes to help reduce congestion and pollution.

Multiple Cities and Multiple Locations

Individuals using coworking spaces usually move around and use more than one location within a city if they are given the choice. Working in different locations allows for greater flexibility at work, making it more convenient for workers. With so many people travelling for work, this year we will see an increased number of multi-city locations be a new trend. We predict that coworking space will see huge growth this year in Ireland with companies expanding to new cities to increase service.

Space Design

Coworking spaces all have one thing in common and that is their unique and trendy interiors. These work spaces are designed to create a productive and creative atmosphere with the worker in mind. Coworking spaces often offer the use of comfortable clubrooms which include couches and lounge areas. While other spaces often have access to kitchens and snacks as well as showers at the office. With the industry becoming more and more competitive each year we anticipate that workspace interiors will continue to improve and adapt to make the user so content at work that they won’t want to leave.

Corporate Interest

As we have already mentioned coworking spaces were first created with the freelancer or entrepreneur in mind but here at Glandore we have recently seen interest from larger corporations who are looking to utilise these spaces for their employees. We believe that one of the main reasons for this trend is because it allows companies to recruit from diverse geographic locations and allows them unlimited access to talent pools.
Bigger companies mean increased numbers of employees and clients. In the coming year we will see coworking spaces like Glandore adapt to this new sector and make changes to accommodate them. This year will see a surge in corporate interest.

Space for all

Shared office spaces are full of diversity and are set to become more inclusive. With many coworking spaces around Ireland being used by a number of different generations, millennials, baby boomers and generation Z, we see office spaces creating and promoting space where all demographics can work alongside one another, each one with different needs coming from different careers paths and backgrounds. Coworking spaces will be faced with this new challenge to promote inclusion where all members get the benefit of coworking.


At Glandore we believe that there is a direct link between good health and the working environment, which is why we have invested so much into our workplace wellness program. The issue of mental health in Ireland is facing a serious crisis. This year we predict that wellness programmes in coworking spaces will become even more important. Promoting wellness among both members and employees will have a positive impact on the overall workplace wellbeing.

Coworking space has become a revolution and has changed the way we work forever. Each new year has brought with it new trends and an increased popularity in coworking spaces and it will soon move further toward dominance in the office space world.

At Glandore, we create a space to land and a space to expand for businesses to grow in Ireland. With serviced officescoworking, flexible workspace and an exclusive members network, find out more about us and learn how we can help your business grow by getting in touch here.

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