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In a recent post we looked at who coworking is for, covering everyone from start-ups and entrepreneurs to the first hire of a company in a new territory. Today we’re going to take some time to examine the benefits of joining a coworking space from the sense of community and shared workdays to the opportunities for organic spontaneous creativity.

Variety of coworking options

Your working environment is one of the key things to consider when you want to make the move into a coworking space. Are you someone who thrives in a visually stimulating space or do you prefer a quieter more reflective environment? Are you happy to share a desk with other people or do you prefer to have your own personal space? Each of these scenarios offers both positive and negative aspects depending on your personal preferences. The beauty of coworking at the moment is that the growth in available spaces means that either preference can be accommodated. Being able to choose your preferred environment can only be a positive when it comes to workplace wellbeing and your levels of productivity.

Increased levels of engagement

One of the great things about coworking is that it gets you away from a cramped coffeeshop space or out of your living room and into a hub of creativity. Instead of sitting at home alone, or taking 2 hours over a coffee in order to stay in a coffeeshop, you’ll be surrounded by motivated people and the buzz from being in a coworking space can really elevate your own levels of engagement with the work you are doing. If you’re someone who likes to have a change of scenery there are coworking spaces who let you roam throughout their space. It may take time to get used to the idea of not having a fixed desk but seeing things from a fresh perspective on a regular basis can really help you to stay open to new ideas.

A steady work routine

The communal aspect of coworking has been seen to help people maintain a healthy relationship with their working environment.  Often when people work from home they can find it difficult to switch off and separate their work and home selves. Having a routine around how and where you work can be an essential part of working life for many people and the positive benefits of a steady routine and people to interact with should not be underestimated.

Lots of coworking spaces also have the added benefit of hosting various workplace wellness initiatives like yoga and Pilates classes, running groups, fitness challenges, mental health awareness initiatives and much more. In a world where the expectation is that we’re always available it’s good to know that you have a support network at work, even if your fellow coworkers don’t work for the same company as you.

Inspiring spaces create inspiring ideas

If you’re someone who’s been working from home, or at a temporary desk that was never meant to be an area for long term working you may find that staying inspired can be difficult. When you go to view different coworking offerings you’ll see modern spaces that have been designed to fit the purpose of work, not spaces that are an afterthought or a case of making do.

At Glandore, we’ve worked with architects and interior designers to make sure that we get our spaces right because we believe in fostering all of the creativity and inspiration that we know people want to tap into when they come to a coworking space. Purpose designed coworking spaces allow for that inspiration to strike and help to create a culture of community. From building in phone booths and comfortable communal spaces to making sure that seating areas and power points are where they should be, our aim is to give you the space you need to grow your ideas without worrying about anything other than your business.

While these types of communal spaces definitely foster creativity one of the things that people often wonder about when they look into coworking is the etiquette around sharing workspace with strangers. It can certainly be an adjustment to share kitchen space, IT services and other facilities with people who don’t work for the same company as you.

In a short space of time you’ll learn the rules of what goes where and who looks after what. Instead of bearing the burden of being in charge of everything yourself you’ll have the luxury of an operations team who look after all of the companies in your space. Included in that care should be a set of house rules for your space. This won’t be posted on the walls of the space but it will be in your welcome pack and will be designed to answer any questions you may have about the etiquette in your particular space.

Broadening your horizons

Coworking helps to put you in touch with a broader group of people than you might otherwise have access to so it’s important to follow the wisdom of the community regarding the conduct and behaviours that are acceptable for everyone. You’ll possibly be sharing a space with people from cultures different to your own, this can be an excellent way to broaden your horizons creatively and teach you new ways to approach problem solving and idea generation. There are also likely to be social differences so it’s important to be respectful of peoples’ processes and make sure that everyone has a comfortable working space.

Events tailored to your interests

One of the great things about coworking spaces are that they regularly organise events for their members. Having someone on hand to organise events that are relevant to your interests, are hosted in your workspace and at times that fit around your schedule cannot be underestimated in terms of helping to inspire and motivate you.

Member events hosted at coworking spaces are usually free or have a minimal charge making them very cost effective, and they give you access to speakers you may not otherwise have had. In addition to the surface benefits of an interesting event they also serve as great opportunities to get to know your fellow coworkers and allow for spontaneous collaborations.

As you can imagine, coworking spaces are a hive of industry where productivity breeds productivity so it’s no surprise that they have grown in popularity over the last few years. The benefits of being part of a vibrant workspace, be that with a full-time desk or just dropping in and out to hotdesk, are the sense of being part of a larger community, being present for opportunities to network, share ideas and solve problems, and of course to work in a way that works for you.

At Glandore, we offer flexible workspace for 1 – 350 people in DublinCork Belfast. If you would like to know about any of our coworking options and see the spaces for yourself why not contact us to arrange a visit?

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