What Does Your Office Say About Your Business?

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Your office space is so much more than just a place to do business. In fact, your choice of office space is one of the most important elements when it comes to creating and establishing your brand’s identity in the marketplace. That said, choosing your office space isn’t a decision that you should hurry into.

This is why we have compiled a list of some of the different types of offices, and what they could potentially be saying about the types of businesses that use them.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices have become hugely popular in Ireland and the rest of Europe over the last few years, and they come with lots of benefits for the right users.

Businesses that choose to use a virtual office are generally relatively newly established with a preference to invest in innovation and growing their business as opposed to spending money on operating costs and an expensive office lease.

If you’ve got a team, your employees will more than likely work remotely. You’ll also be giving your customers a clear message that you’re willing to embrace the future of modern technology and a new way of doing business.

Hot Desk

Hot desking is another hot trend in the world of office space. Choose hot desking for your business and you’ll be giving your customers the perception that your business is one that fosters creativity, collaboration, flexibility and networking.

As it’s a relatively new approach to traditional office space, businesses that choose to hot desk are more likely to be seen as modern and trendy.

Shared Office Space

Shared office spaces can provide businesses with a huge amount of benefits; from pooling resources and availing of flexible renting options to bouncing ideas off other business owners and cutting down on costs.

Are you worried about what a shared office space might say about your business? You shouldn’t be.

Business owners that choose a shared office space are usually interested in networking and learning from those around them. They’re also realistic in terms of giving their business time to grow and become more established before investing unnecessary funds into a typical commercial unit lease rental.

Typically speaking, your company won’t be seen as inferior or less professional than those who’ve opted for a more traditional way of doing business.

As you can see, choosing office space isn’t as simple as deciding on a location and getting a few branded pens to put into your new drawer. The type of office space you choose should reflect your brand and fit in with your core values, where applicable. For example, if your business sells online productivity tools that are geared towards remote workers, wouldn’t it be more fitting for your business to avail of a virtual office, or a shared office where working remotely is supported?

There are so many options in Ireland right now for office space so be sure to explore all of them and what each one will mean for your business in terms of its perception before making your final choice.

If you are ready to view office space, or are looking to set up a virtual office in Dublin or Belfast, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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