Why Use a Virtual Office?

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Modern technology has given us the gift of flexibility, making it extraordinarily easy to conduct work or business at home or on the go.

Digital tools such as cloud storage solutions, VOIP, Skype, GoToMeeting, Slack, Dropbox and Google Docs ensure that you can seamlessly connect and communicate from any device and work from any location.

With experts claiming that working remotely increases productivity and the evidence to support that choosing to work this way dramatically decreases costs, it’s no surprise that virtual offices in Dublin are becoming hugely popular with businesses of all sizes and industries.

If you’re new to this concept of not having a traditional office space, you most likely have a lot of questions that need answering.

Where do I meet my clients? What perception will prospects and partners derive about my business if I don’t list a commercial business address or phone number?

These are valid questions, so let’s uncover the answers to give you a better idea of why choosing a virtual office might be the best move you’ll ever make for your business.

What are Virtual Office Services?

Virtual office services enable professionals to rent an office address without actually renting a physical office space. It means that businesses do not have to actually occupy a physical commercial space but can promote and utilise a business address.

Companies and professionals can have their mail sent to that commercial address and collect it as needed. They may also choose to have calls routed to that address; with their calls forwarded to an alternative number or picked up by a receptionist.

Virtual offices should not be confused with shared offices or executive suites where companies rent a physical office building, office space or coworking spaces on a rolling month-to-month basis from a facilities management company.

However, many virtual office service companies will not only offer clients the ability to utilise their corporate address but allow you to rent a boardroom or meeting room in the building at discounted rates if and when required.

Why use a Virtual Office?


Professionals working remotely or operating businesses from home can ensure credibility from potential investors or prospects by utilising their corporate “virtual office” address and contact number. Although there is widespread recognition of the growth in remote businesses, prospects and investors still seek reassurance in the form of a physical corporate address.


If you can feasibly work remotely and do not have a genuine need for a day-to-day office space, the option of virtual office services proves a far more cost-effective option than the short term lease of an office space.

Easy Expansion

Businesses are consistently seeking ways to enter new markets with minimal risk and establishing a local presence is key to being successful at this.

A virtual office address can make it far easier to penetrate a new market with minimal investment, especially where businesses also avail of add-on virtual office receptionist services. Not only will potential prospects be able to identify a physical presence for the business, but they can also contact the business by calling a local number and speaking to a receptionist.

Just like many businesses and professionals have broken the mould and embraced the use of virtual tools, embracing virtual workspaces like a virtual office can serve to provide significantly benefits.

This cost-effective option could well hold the key to ensuring a remote working lifestyle while accelerating the growth of your business so why not give it a chance and see what all the fuss is about?

If you would like to find out more about Glandore and how we can help your business grow with one of our virtual offices, get in touch here. A virtual office in Dublin or Belfast could be just what you need.

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