Returning to Work Post Covid-19



We want to make sure our members feel safe and protected when they return to the office, so we have put together a safety booklet outlining the do’s and don’ts when returning back to the office.

Glandore 2 Metre Guide


Have a trained employee who advises on and operationally ensures an optimally functioning and safe facility environment.

Quick Scan

Scan the surrounding area and ensure that you are 2 metres or more from the nearest person at all times and where possible.


Work with your managers and colleagues to create a 2 metre per person workspace.

2 Metre Rules

Adhere to the rules and guidelines outlined in this document for the safety of you and your colleagues.


Follow the visual displays and signage in all Glandore buildings and offices.


Continuity Planning & Actions

1. Preventative Cleaning Protocols

There will be increased and strict cleaning protocols in place in all of the Glandore buildings to ensure maximum safety for all. All regular touch points will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

2. Queuing System

This will be implemented in the reception areas of all Glandore buildings should the need arise. Please ensure that you adhere to any and all instructions provided when moving through our reception areas.

3. Visitors

We request that our members restrict visitors as much as possible. If visitors are expected please inform Glandore in advance and pre-register your guest on the Glandore Portal. All visitors will be asked to submit full names and contact details for contact tracing purposes.

4. Protective Screens

All of our reception desks are fitted with Protective Perspex Screens for the safety of the employees of our member businesses and of our own Glandore employees. Where possible virtual receptions are also in place.

5. Temperature Checking

Detection devices will be set up in our reception areas for temperature testing to ensure your safety.

6. Personal Hygiene

Sanitising stations are set up at all our entry and exit points, in meeting rooms and along corridors in each of our buildings.


7. Lift Access

Signage and social distance floor and wall markings will guide you to the lifts and/or stairs in each building. There will be a restriction on people using lifts in each of the buildings, max. 1 person per lift car. We encourage those that can to take the stairs.

8. One-Way System

There will be a one-way system in place where possible in each of the Glandore buildings to ensure safety and limited interactions. For areas that do not operate a one way system, please wait until the corridor is clear before moving through

9. Toilets

To accommodate social distancing, toilets will be restricted to 1 person or in certain locations, 2 people at any one time. Please check signage before entering.

10. Tea Stations

Access limited to allow for social distancing. We advise that members bring their own crockery, cutlery and glassware for use in the tea stations and to be stored in pedestals when not in use. Glandore will not provide crockery, cutlery and/or glassware to ensure your safety.

Glandore Covid-19 Hygiene Guide

The following procedure outlines Glandore’s response to a  suspected/confirmed case of Covid-19 amongst our members.

It is important that should a member feel unwell, they stay at home and avoid coming into Glandore buildings. Should a member start to feel unwell while at work, they must inform their Manager/H&W Officer, who in turn should inform Glandore immediately. Glandore will endeavor to assist the H&W Officer in making any necessary transport arrangements for the unwell member. Should there be a delay in arranging transportation, Glandore can provide a temporary isolation space for the member to wait.


PPE can be made available to the member for their and others safety. Should the Local Health Authority require assistance in contact tracing, Glandore will endeavor to help, as best we can, to ensure the H&W Officer has as much information as we can provide. In the instance of a confirmed Covid-19 case at Glandore, we will consult the Local Health Authority and follow their advice and protocols prior to informing other members. Glandore’s Housekeeping Team will immediately initiate a full deep clean and disinfection of the member’s desk, and office.

It is important that all members follow Glandore’s ‘Clean Desk Policy’ in order for this cleaning to be effective and for Glandore to ensure the safety of other members. Chairs will be disinfected and then wrapped in plastic should there be a suspected case or an instance of a confirmed case.

Safety Signage – Please Adhere to All Safety Signage

Download a copy of our Covid-19 brochure here and feel free to share with your teams and colleagues.

Thank you for all of your hard work through this difficult process.

There Is No Strength Without Unity.


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