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Are you on the lookout for a new serviced office space? Are you looking to expand your business or on the lookout for an environment that can provide and cater to your specific needs? If you are, there are some things you should consider before deciding on one. Beyond just the size and amenities, you should consider what you may need in the near future.


It’s obvious that location is very important when considering where you’d like to set up your office. You’ll need to consider not only your needs, but also those of your employees. Is it easily accessible for both employees and clients? Is there reliable public transport?

Choosing a serviced office in the right location can also affect workplace productivity too. You should aim to find a space that’s close to local amenities, such as a gym, coffee stalls, deli shops and food markets.

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IT and Tech Support

Serviced offices tend to come with internet access/Wi-Fi, postal services and IT support that is necessary to keep your business running on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important to ask about the stability and reliability of the IT and tech services provided, ensuring both you, your employees and clients receive the best possible support.

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Office Culture/Lifestyle

Your office should feel like a home-from-home, both in aesthetics and general environment. For arguments sake, if you’re in a creative industry, it’s even more important to find a space that truly represents who you are as a business.

Creative office spaces with a sleek design can promote more productivity and collaboration in your employees, so renting a space that feels like the perfect place for your company and resonates with the image that you wish to project to the world, will be very important.

The Next Step…

It can seem like finding the perfect serviced office for your business can be daunting, it’s why we’re here to offer you various styles and locations to meet your specific requirements. You can contact us to schedule a viewing at a time that suits you.

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