5 ways to make the most of your lunch break

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During a busy working day we often skip lunch in favour of getting ahead on projects or emails. It might only be an hour in the day, but it can be hugely beneficial to make the most of this time.

It is important to remember to try and physically leave the office on your lunch break every day. Even if you can’t get out for the full hour, going for a short walk, or grabbing a cup of coffee at your favourite café, can be a great way of clearing your head before you return to the office. If you are looking for suggestions on how to make the most of your lunch break, we share some of our top tips that are guaranteed to leave you feeling more energised and productive in the afternoon.

Go to a concert

Why not make the short hop up to the National Concert Hall on Dublin’s Earlsfort Terrace to catch a lunchtime concert? They have a varied programme that can cater to all musical tastes from jazz to opera. Since concerts require you to turn off your phone and email, the uninterrupted break will ensure you return to the office relaxed and with a spring in your step.

Good fuel means good mileage

Don’t try to be the office hero and skip lunch to get ahead on work. An empty stomach can be as much of a detriment to efficiency as a poor night’s sleep. A healthy lunch can provide enough energy to overcome the infamous three o’clock slump.

Make use of all of the office facilities at your disposal, like the canteen or break room. If you’re fortunate enough to work in a bustling city like Dublin or Belfast, you shouldn’t have any shortage of options to suit your pallet. Some offices even offer onsite restaurants to make sure that employees have access to healthy and tasty food without having to travel far from the office.

Watch your favourite show

Everyone is guilty of having a favourite series they enjoy watching on Netflix in their spare time. Indulging in your favourite TV show, for a quick 20 minute or hour long episode, is a great way of making the distinction between your work time and your off-time.

If you want to avoid additional screen time, make sure to keep a book in your work bag. Be sure that it’s not a work related title and ideally something that is related to your own hobbies or interests.

Tick all your boxes

Some tasks can only be carried out during the normal Monday to Friday working week. Calling in to a bank on personal business or dropping a parcel off in the post office can’t be done on the weekends.

If some of these amenities are within walking distance, or a short public transport trip, it’s worth getting these simple tasks done on your break. Running these little errands while you’ve got the free time during the day can save you time in your personal life.

Meet a friend

If you have a friend working nearby try to arrange your lunch breaks for the same hour of the day. A cup of coffee and a catch up with an old friend can be the best way to relax during your break. It’s rare that you’ll end up discussing work with this person as they’ll most likely be more interested in how you’re doing yourself and vice versa.

In order to meet the needs of our members, Glandore offers club room lounges, wellness initiatives and onsite catering, that will guarantee you make the most of your lunch break. Click here to arrange a tour of our facilities and flexible workspace in Dublin and Belfast.

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