4 tips to running a successful business

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Think you can be a successful entrepreneur? Building and running a successful business may seem daunting, but it is achievable.

To help you accomplish your goal, we’ve put together a quick guide to our 4 must-follow tips for business success.

Understand your customers

Consumer behaviours are constantly changing, and businesses must strive to keep up and adapt as the clients’ needs change. Because of this fluidity, never overestimate how much you know about your customers. In order to deliver a consistent superior customer experience, you must understand your consumer’s needs.

Analyse website data, ask questions when dealing with customers face-to-face or over the phone, monitor relevant forums and social media conversations. Consistently trying to understand your customer’s needs as they evolve will ensure your business can continue to fulfil those needs.

Be clever with your choice of office space

New businesses should be careful not to enter into 5 or 10 year term agreements for a lease as down the line, that office space may not meet your future business needs. Due to the plasticity of the SME market, your office space should be able to scale with your business as it grows.

Consider making use of a virtual office when starting out, or using flexible workspaces if you’re employing a team. Both options can be easily scaled without your business incurring significant contractual and financial agreements.

Could your team work remotely? Technology has enabled a significant growth in the level of employees working remotely. As freelancing is predicted to grow substantially in the next 3 years, businesses that provide flexibility will be better able to attract quality candidates for new roles.

Value your employees

Your employees are perhaps your company’s greatest and most valuable asset. Failure to recognise this can prove detrimental to the long success of any business. Maintain a positive, ethical working environment, regularly inform team members of their value, and commit to training and motivating employees.
Doing so will drive positive reinforcement and empower your team with the desire to do a good job and drive your business forward. Economies are stabilising once again and job opportunities are growing consistently, so as a result, unhappy, undervalued employees simply will not stick around.

Keep cash flowing

Cash flow shortages lead to the downfall of far too many SMEs. Effective cash flow management is one of the most critical business management practices but yet one where so many business owners fall short. Always overestimate expenses and underestimate revenues to ensure your business is always prepared for setbacks. Offer discounts for balances paid ahead of schedule. Ensure there is a gap between expected invoice payment dates and direct debit payments for expenses.

Consistently analyse ways to reduce overheads and outgoings, and maintain a strong credit rate so that financial assistance in the form of a business credit card, overdraft or loan will be available should you need it.

Running a successful business is the dream that many entrepreneurs ultimately fail to achieve. Growing your empire isn’t something that will happen overnight, it takes a sustained effort to enjoy the journey to success.

Keep our 4 aforementioned suggestions in mind throughout every stage of your business lifecycle to start, build, and maintain, a successful business.

At Glandore we believe that flexiblity creates space for business to grow. If your new SME or company wants to learn more about how we offer space for our members to expand, get in touch here. We would love to welcome you to the Glandore family!

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