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This is certainly a crucial time to keep your diet balanced as much as possible. We are all spending a lot more time inside our houses and are really missing out on natural vitamin D and using our muscles in the same way. What we can do is really focus on our diets. If you are trying to maintain a balanced diet through mealtimes, be sure to prep some meals, buy the right fruits and vegetables that will last that little bit little longer and remember frozen fruits and veg can be your friend!



Watch Your Waistline

Try to use your previous ‘commute time’ to exercise in the morning, a walk, a run, yoga – whatever you enjoy. It’s really important to keep your body moving for digestion and waste.

Plan and prepare your meal and food plan for the week at the weekend, so that you do one shop and have what you need. This will also allow you to keep on track and eat more healthily.

Get up from your desk and move around every 30 minutes. This is so important. If you are comfortable working from home, you will sometimes forget to break for lunch.


Mind Your Immunity

Try to mind your immune system. Aim to get at least 6 portions (480 grams) of vegetables and 2 portions of fruit (160 grams) per day. This can be a mix of fresh and frozen for convenience at this time. Eat plenty of fresh herbs (wash them well if shop bought. They have many health benefits.


Essential Vitamins

Vitamin D is essential to support your immune system. If the sun is out get out into it at for at least 15 minutes exposing your face and arms. The vitamin D that we get from our food is not enough, you may need to supplement. Speak to your GP or health professional first. Always use SPF when in direct sunlight.

If you can get your hands on some Vitamin C, add it to your regime.Eating a wide variety of fresh foods and little or no processed foods is important at this time.

Keep sugar and alcohol to a minimum. Drink plenty of water, hot and cold. Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic and with ‘The Mother’) may be useful at this time. A tablespoon with 50mls of warm water once a day should be plenty. If you have reflux or gastrointestinal issues, please speak to a health professional before you do this.


The Importance Of Sleep

Keep a good sleep routine. A healthy sleep pattern is so important right now, especially if you suffer from any kind of stress. Make sure you are getting your 8 hours in each day. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time and stick to this time if you can, so that your body gets used to the routine. Lastly, leave your phone downstairs. Beds are definitely not the right place for phones. Keep social media out of the bedroom. This will help with stress, anxiety and insomnia.


Adults VS Children

Always remember that children will need a lot more exercise and nutrients. Be mindful that the above advice is only recommended for adults. Rina Whyte is a food nutritionist who provides Nutritional Consultancy: Corporate Demonstrations, Personal Shopping to suit dietary needs, Consultations, and many more nutritional services. Find out more about what Rina does here: Eat Your Greens.



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