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The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has required many employees to adapt to working from home. There is definitely an increase in anxiety amongst many of us. Working remotely comes with its own unique pressures and stresses, most notably the inability to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Employee wellness has been a growing concern for companies in recent years and while wellness programmes generally focus on staff within the office, we have compiled some suggestions for promoting wellness remotely also.


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Appoint an Individual Within Your Company to Check-In Daily

There is a huge percentage of people that feel lonely and isolated while working from home. Communication is a huge factor of successful and productive day to day activities. With increased anxiety around Covid-19, it is important that workplaces listen to the concerns of their staff and look out for their welfare. Why not make a friendly phone call each day to discuss any issues around working from home, to check in on their health and general welfare and to provide a safe space to allow staff to express their concerns. Your team will really appreciate this and return to work feeling at ease and supported.


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Encourage Employees to Separate Work and Private Life

It can be harder to escape work physically when you are working from home , but employees need to be encouraged to have ‘off’ time. This means continuing to take their lunch breaks and to close their computers each evening. Staff can feel extra obligated to be “always on” when working from home, especially when there are urgent health and safety protocols to follow around the company. Management can help by asking employees to restrict all non-essential emails to work hours. Some of your staff may find it easier to get work done when kids are in bed, however outgoing emails outside of work hours can make other employees feel obliged to reply straight away. Try to encourage staff to use automated scheduling for after work hours.


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Be Open to Flexible Working Times

With children now sent home from school, it’s important to be open with staff about expectations. They may find that they can get their work done earlier in the morning or later in the evening, when kids are in bed.  Shift your company mindset to “completed projects” as opposed to completed hours. This can significantly help reduce stress amongst employees.


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Encourage Staff to Get Outdoors

While we engage in social distancing, it is still possible to go for a walk and get some fresh air. This is hugely important to both mental and physical health, especially if remote working last for longer than a few days. To stress the importance of getting out in the fresh air, consider putting it in a list of objectives/projects to be reviewed at the end of the week.


Reduce Stress

Staff adjusting to working remotely may worry about “How will my manager know what I’ve done”  “How can I demonstrate to my company, that I am working “. Check in with your team as you would typically in the office. Set a task and a deadline and then allow staff to carry this out. Trust your employees to get the work done.  A quick phone call for reassurance may also help and will be easier to communicate direction to each member.


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Online Videos & Tutorials
While remote workers need to avoid social media and remain focused, Meditation videos, Online Beginners Yoga classes or online exercise videos can be a great way to keep staff health in body and mind while working remotely. If you need to brush up on some of your day to day skills, why not get stuck into a good tutorial for the last hour of the day. This will help you upskill at your own leisure.


Online Lunch

Many staff are experiencing working from home for the first time and they may miss their work colleagues. Consider organising a cyber lunch or cyber coffee break. Everyone dials in to a video chat and has an informal chat with colleagues while having lunch or coffee. It’s a good way to keep track of any updates with work and also a great way to keep spirits up.

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