Simple ways to promote a more eco-friendly office


Creating a more sustainable office will help reduce your company’s impact on the environment and allow your efforts to influence your team and clients. Our dedicated green team here at Glandore have put together some simple ways to promote a more eco-friendly office and help prevent further damage to our planet.

Encourage green commuting

Each of our Glandore offices are located in busy city centres and we do our very best to encourage both our clients and employees to consider their options when travelling to and from work each day. Try to promote cycling or walking to work, carpooling or using various methods of public transport to get to the office. This can help your team play a part in creating a more eco-friendly office and help protect the environment.

According to the 2016 Central Statistics Office here in Ireland, around 200,000 commuters had an average work commute of 74 minutes each day. If your company can allow it, why not let employees work from home once a month. This small change will help reduce your company’s carbon footprint and cut down the level of greenhouse gases in the air.

Bring in a desk plant

Keeping a plant at your desk can provide a number of health and wellness benefits to your office as well as promoting a more eco-friendly, greener workspace.

Plants can create a welcoming feel to an office and are proven to clean and improve air quality because of their ability to produce oxygen. Tending to plants can help provide you with some much-needed focus and allow you to be more productive during your workday, helping recenter your mind even during the most stressful days.

Embrace the reusable cup and bottle

Using a reusable coffee cup or water bottle throughout your workday can help eliminate the disposal of single-use plastics and paper cups. Over 22,000 single-use coffee cups are disposed of in Ireland every hour. This figure is alarmingly high and is something that we can all help to reduce, starting at work.

If your budget allows it why not provide your team with branded reusable coffee cups or glass water bottles. Remember creating a more environmentally concious environment can help reduce the waste costs while simultaneously building a more eco-friendly office.

Use eco-friendly/biodegradable cleaning products

When keeping our workspaces clean it is important to check that the products we use are not damaging the environment and are eco-friendly. Simple changes like using biodegradable surface wipes or reducing the use of paper towels in both the workplace toilets and kitchen can help produce less waste at work.

While most cleaning products contain phosphorus, ammonia, and nitrogen, according to the Environmental Protection Agency these are the most damaging to our ecosystems and are mainly found in products we clean with. Changing how we clean our offices by choosing to use more eco-friendly, less harmful alternatives can help stop the contamination of our waterways and soil, as these chemicals cannot be removed through water treatment.

Glandore is an Irish, family business committed to providing a more sustainable and eco-friendly workplace. In the Republic of Ireland, we use 100% renewable energy in our seven locations across Dublin and Cork and we care deeply about the professional growth and development of every company we house. If you would like to find out more about our flexible workspace and Glandore green office initiative, contact us here.

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