The growing importance of soft skills among ICT professionals

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It is essential for Information and Communication Technologyprofessionals to possess strong technical skills, however it has become increasingly important that they also attain more softer, interpersonal skills too.

These soft skills can be particularly beneficial to a company’s executive and management teams as having the ability to communicate clearly, work efficiently as part of a team and acquiring the necessary skills to negotiate conflict will boost productivity. The combination of soft and technical skills will allow each ICT professional to be in a better position to retain clients and create new business for the company.

Our team here at Glandore believe soft skills are the key to a successful career in the IT industry which is why in the lead up to attending the Cork Tech Summit 2019 they have put together a list of soft skills that all ICT professionals should perfect to help build a successful career.


Problem Solving

ICT professionals must have the ability to stay in problem solving mode for long periods of time while staying focused on the issue until it has been resolved. They must understand and have the ability to explain exactly why it is happening and what has caused the issue so they can conclude whether it can be fixed or not to the client or manager they are working with.


Teamwork is part of every job, and the ICT profession is no different. It can be far too easy as an ITC professional to work better independently on tasks, however working as part of a team is a big part of the technology world. The ability to collaborate and share ideas- along with being able to problem solve together -allows a business to be more productive. This is why teamwork has become part of most company’s culture.



Great communication skills may not be the first skills that spring to mind when you think of the ICT world, however they have become one of the most important soft skills within today’s information technology industry. The ability to present clearly and professionally while also  listening to your clients needs is crucial. You must understand and relay information effectively to problem solve and be more productive. ICT professionals must also write in a clear, concise manner to ensure all documentation that they complete is easily understood by their peers and clients. Without these effective communications skills your company will waste a lot of time and it will not run smoothly.


Negotiation skills are necessary at all levels of the ICT profession, including hiring new team members, working with vendors and presenting an idea of your own to your organisation. Being able to work out an agreement that all parties are happy with is a valuable soft skill to have, this skill has often lead individuals to a promotion to management.


Professionals must be adaptable and resilient when faced with difficult challenges in the workplace. Solving complex IT issues can be tough which is why professionals must approach them with optimism and a positive can do attitude. Being adaptive will also allow them to embrace issues rather than dread them while enjoying the challenge of working through to find a solution. This skill will also motivate professionals to have a more open mind when problem solving and prepare them to handle any issue that may arise no matter how difficult.

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