5 Ways In Which Ireland Has Adapted To Modern Technology


Our little Island has seen a significant shift in how we work with new technology. We have come a long way from being famous for farming! Now we host quite an impressive talent pool and there is no slowing us down! The Republic of Ireland is now ranked 5th in the world per capita GDP.

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At present, Ireland is considered an important European tech leader with Dublin being amongst the most important hubs of tech innovation on the continent. With massive multinationals such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and AirBnb located here.

Ireland is considered an important European tech leader, with Dublin being amongst the most significant hubs of tech innovation on the continent. Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and AirBnB are just some of the tech giants that are based in Dublin. From Artificial Intelligence to Cyber-security, all types of tech sectors are in a significant growth phase right across Ireland.

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There is constant influx of new recruits from various countries annually, but we also have a responsibility to accelerate our own indigenous talent pool, and generate opportunities for employees who may not want to emigrate. Glandore have been lucky enough to have worked with much of this talent through major international companies landing and expanding with us before expanding their business.

Medical Technology

  1. Thinking outside the box: For many years Ireland was renowned for playing things safe and sticking to traditions. Right now we are leaders in innovation. From tech start-ups like Stripe to jewellery designers like Chupi, opportunities arising from young people are game changers and are putting Ireland on the main stage.
  2. Diversity: Ireland has adapted to quite a substantial shift when it comes to diversity in the work place and it means we can also achieve a lot more productivity together, such as better financial results, global-Level Competition, fact-based decision-making, creative and innovative thinking and cross-cultural understanding.
  3. Flexible working: As the pandemic begins to hide it’s ugly head, there has been a large increase in technology from video meetings, to informative webinars of different subjects. There has also been an increase in moving away from traditional office space to a more flexible and sustainable working model.
  4. Education, Transportation & Medicine: Without technology at the forefront we would not have an advanced education process, nor have affordable transport and certainly could not have advanced healthcare products. If we compare today to 20 years ago, technology has helped us in every sector along with innovative digital solutions which have greatly improved the medical industry. Right now we have better and more accessible treatment than ever before, thus saving us time, teaching us more and saving lives.
  5. CRM and Automation tools: Opening up to new technology and management tools can offer a wealth of helpful resources, which can make life easier for a business to help generate specific reports which can track and measure goals. What did we do before? We spent more time doing things the long way! Technology has created time efficiency so we can focus on the core elements of the business.

The future of Ireland looks bright. Technology has brought us a wealth of success. ‘Ireland is now at the centre of the digital revolution’ and we cannot wait to see where it takes us!

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