3 ways to get motivated when building a startup

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You’ve got your idea, you know it’s a winner, but how do you turn that idea into a viable business and brand? 

Building a startup is hard work. As many new businesses know, the work of launching a company can be tiresome and draining. From fine-tuning your initial concept to executing a visualised brand, it often takes time to tweak your processes and establish a corporate identity.

However, that hard work can seem motivating when you see the success of companies like Zendesk, Square and Slack, whom all began as startups and have now developed into some of the biggest companies and services in the world.

Here are 3 things that are crucial for you to keep in mind when trying to get your new business off the ground.

Believe it

What does someone like basketball superstar Michael Jordan have in common with the CEO of a successful start-up company? Motivation, ambition, dedication and above all else, high standards.

Tony Robbins, American life coach, and philanthropist gives the same answer every time he’s asked how people can change their lives. His advice is simple and is contained in three simple words. ‘Raise your standards.’

Having higher personal standards enables personal growth and will inspire those around you to be the best version of themselves.

It does not mean expecting perfection, it means expecting the most from yourself and your colleagues and holding each other to those standards.

It pushes you to to be the most productive you can be. Your level of productivity is one of the best ways you can push your start-up toward success.

Visualise it

See it and you can achieve it. Successful people are able to visualise themselves in future situations and recognise the pits and downfalls that they must overcome in order to achieve their goals.

Imagine yourself in five years’ time. What do you want to have achieved? What is the workspace like? What is the attitude and atmosphere there?

People who speak on a world stage picture themselves speaking with energy and emotion. Skilled sports players imagine how they will put the ball into the net, or hole, or between the posts.

When imagining the end goal, take customer feedback into consideration. Take their feedback into consideration, it shows that you’re listening to your audience and are willing to make alterations and changes depending on user’s experience.

Picturing the end goal means you know exactly what you’re working towards. This forces you to put plans in motions, to set smaller goals and steps that will allow you to achieve that end vision.

Shout it from the rooftops

If you’re not enthusiastic about your company, who will be? You need to sell your company at every possible opportunity.  For a start-up to do well, there needs to be an element of excitement to it.

Find your story, and use it as a foundation for your unique selling point. People listen to stories, so remember that stories sell faster than facts alone. See what causes a potential customer’s eyes to light up and hone in on this when marketing your brand.

Your sales strategy should always include word of mouth, especially in the era of social media where people are listening to what others have to say, as these will be some of the biggest influencing factors.

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